Volunteer Opportunity in STEM Education with 24 Knotts

Mentoring Budding Engineers

Engage with 7th grade students in a project-based engineering project that is both fun and challenging. 24 Knots, created the “Companimation Global” scenario to meet the needs of Portland Public School’s 7th Grade Maker Experience. During this project-based engineering scenario, students build a “robot” tiger with real tools and then modify it to conquer a variety of challenges. This experience is rewarding for individuals who love to see young people persevere!

Engineer mentors kids

We are looking for motivated volunteers to assist our lead instructor during the class to enhance the personal contact during the experience. The class sessions are from 10AM to 1PM for three consecutive days per week at various locations around Portland, taking place now through the end of the school year. Volunteers can do one, two or three days a week.

See the volunteer job description and details about the program in the attachments. Volunteers will not need to meet all of the qualifications outlined in the assistant coach position – your passion for supporting young people is the most important criterion. Interested parties can contact david@24-knots.com or 503-860-6055. For more information, see our website.

24 Knots lifts the confidence of students and educators in science and engineering by:

  • Providing customized training, coaching, and mentoring with a focus on project-based learning.
  • Training and mentoring educators and students in science and engineering principals founded on 20 years of engineering experience in industry.
  • Embedding Next Generation Science Standards with fun projects in an atmosphere that embraces mistakes and encourages iterations.
  • Projects that the students can take home to continue exploration and share with their family.
  • Using real tools to build and test real things.
  • Applying math as a tool to solve project challenges.
  • Engaging in engineering scenarios that directly correlate to industry challenges.

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