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Wellness Wednesday Fitness Roundup

It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our bodies. Heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, strokes….the chances of getting one or all of these is increased by just sitting around. Even a little bit of exercise everyday can pay huge dividends towards keeping

Senior Wellness boaters

Wellness Wednesday – Health Tip Roundup

This week’s WW roundup features three articles dealing with health issues that most of us will encounter at some point, or in the case of this first one about lessons learned from nonagenarians, aspire to experience for ourselves! Healthy life lessons from 90-year-olds How do you

gloved fingers place test tubes in health technology

Tech Tuesday – Good and Bad of Health Technology

Technological advances are a great boon to helping seniors stay healthy – except when they’re not. Today’s Tech Tuesday roundup features two articles about a couple of exciting sci-tech breakthroughs….and one cautionary bit of advice about being careful which health related apps we choose. First up: a report

photo of book entitled Universal Design

Universal Design – Beyond the ADA

Form, as the saying goes, follows function. But when it comes to architectural design elements geared toward accessibility, does that mean that utility has to be the only consideration? Up until fairly recently you would have thought so. A friend recently told us about the home