SAGE Legacy Fellowships Nurture Leaders

Have you ever wanted to challenge yourself to make the world a better place? Has the kernel of an idea crossed your mind – a project that you’re sure would help our local community, but you just didn’t know where to start? Maybe you are already involved with a non-profit that would benefit from your focused work in one underserved area, and you could use some guidance in getting that effort off the ground? If so, the SAGE Legacy Fellowship Program is the place to be!

SAGE stands for Senior Advocates for Generational Equity, and though the organization is only a few years old it is already proving to be a tremendous source of inspiration and guidance to local folks over 50 who want to give something back. The Legacy Fellowship Program is a yearly cornerstone effort that takes a group of similarly inspired individuals and/or teams and leads them toward achieving their goal of helping others.

“A society grows great when its elders plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” – Greek proverb.

The Fellowship year is roughly concurrent with a fall-through-spring school year. Applications are being accepted now for the next group, whose inaugural meeting is scheduled for October 8.

Projects can be very diverse, even eclectic, as long as they are dedicated to making the world a better place. There are no age restrictions on who can participate. Though SAGE loves to partner with existing non-profits, there is no rule that says that at the end of the fellowship year a successful project can’t make money. When it was recently pointed out to SAGE President and Founder Ward Greene that the organization doesn’t seem to say “no” to any motivated people or projects he responded, “in that sense we take a cue from improv comedians; we believe it’s better to keep the conversation rolling by saying ‘yes, and….’” (editorial aside: Amen to that!)

The Fellowship program itself is led by professional Leadership Facilitator, Dan Duggan, a partner with LionHeart Consulting who has years of experience in this field. Through deep caring, humor, and strong coaching, Dan helps people become more confident and masterful leaders and accomplish what they never thought possible.

Mutual accountability is a big part of the program. Participants are expected to commit to attending 9 of 10 monthly meetings to share stories of their progress toward reaching milestones, and their setbacks along the way. Teams can share the attendance requirement, but all participants should plan to attend the day-long retreat.

Such a valuable, comprehensive program does cost money to put on. There is a tuition fee of $1500 that covers the administrative costs, facilitator fees, food and beverages at the events, etc. Employers are encouraged to sponsor their employees’ participation. There are also hardship wavers to offset all or part of the tuition. These are available on a limited basis, and a separate application is required.

There is much more information available on the SAGE website, or email questions to If you’re seeking nurturing, supportive people to help you launch your philanthropic project, look no further than the dedicated folks at SAGE.



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