Managing Mentorship Expectations is Key

Let’s take a look at this word “mentorship.” It’s pretty straightforward, right? Helping to guide someone else toward success. Or is that more the role of a coach? Instructing another as they acquire new skills. Or is that really what a teacher does, just with a fancier name? As we’ll see in the following article, the mentor/mentee relationship is a specific kind with unique boundaries and expectations. Though the main focus is on mentorship in a business setting, there are some good points here that could be applied to a volunteer partnership as well.

Mentorship Monday – 8 Secrets from the Business World say no man is an island. A helping hand from an experienced mentor can be valuable for anyone. Still, as someone who’s been on both sides of the mentoring relationship, it’s clear that too many people read more into these arrangements than is actually realistic.

A mentor isn’t a fix-all for the challenges you’re experiencing in your business. Mentors won’t tell you what to do, when to do it or how to move forward. They can, however, can help you reach the same end result on your own. You just have to be willing to commit.

Truly, there are many common misconceptions out there about the mentor-protégé relationship and what you can expect out to get of it. Here are eight secrets your business mentor won’t tell you.

Mentoring is supposed to be an intensive, individualized and private experience. If you aren’t getting one-on-one attention, you’ve got a teacher — not a mentor.

Unfortunately, this presents a challenge for both parties. For mentors, it means turning down capable protégés if you’ve already committed to another. And for students, it could mean going to the trouble of identifying the perfect mentor only to be turned down for scheduling reasons — which may or may not be explained to you.

Don’t push it. The goal of a mentoring relationship is progress, and that’s only possible if the guidance is individualized. There is a mentor or protégé out there for you, but you’ve got to wait for the timing to be right. Continue for free Via

So we see that this is a unique partnership. At its best it offers tremendous benefits to the mentee, but also has the potential to be very rewarding to the mentor as well. As with so many relationships in life, clarity of purpose is crucial to setting it up to succeed. 

Do you have experience with this type of arrangement that you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below, or to start a thread in the forums!


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