Indalo Wind Donates Proceeds From CD to Support Music School in Laos

Eric and Jacob Walter Indalo WindWhen it comes to spreading love through music, it’s hard to find two more committed artists than the father and son duo of Eric and Jacob Walter. Together they perform and record as Indalo Wind, and when joined by their talented friends they form the Indalo Wind Consort. With a repertoire that includes traditional songs from Italy, Ireland, and the Americas – as well as gypsy swing, Renaissance dance, flamenco, and a host of unique originals – Indalo Wind plays music that is dramatically diverse, poetic, energetic, and thoughtfully entertaining.

Always working to help those less fortunate in our global community, they are currently donating their talents to help kids halfway across the world learn the joys of music.

As some of our friends and fans will know, Indalo Wind has a strong connection to the Music for Everyone School in Siem Reap, Cambodia Mes Siem Reap – a school that provides free music instruction to over 100 students in addition to serving as lively, creative community center. MES has a sister school in Laos, equally vibrant and important to its community, that is facing stern financial hardship. The school is raising funds to keep classes going. To aid in this effort, Indalo Wind will be donating our share proceeds from CD and digital sales of our first album (on Bandcamp) to MES Laos. Purchase the whole album or just one song. A little bit can go a long way. Thank you for your support. Peace through music. PLEASE SHARE!

Eric and Jacob

Busier Now is pleased help get the word out about the work of these talented and giving artists. Please consider helping this worthy cause – you’ll be helping to make the world a better place, and treating yourself to some terrific music too! Learn more about Indalo Wind here.

2 thoughts on “Indalo Wind Donates Proceeds From CD to Support Music School in Laos”

  1. Eric Walter says:

    On behalf of Indalo Wind, I thank you! I would like to add that Jacob has a solo album, also at Bandcamp, the proceeds from which are donated to MES Siem Reap in Cambodia.
    Thanks again!
    Peace through music.

    1. Busier Staff says:

      It’s a pleasure to support artists using their talents to make the world a better place! Looking forward to checking out Surfing In the Rain!

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