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SAGE Offers Workshops to Inspire Action

Change your corner of the world one project at a time Join us SAGE an inspirational workshop to explore how you can launch your own community benefit project to make a lasting impact for future generations. Together with the attendees, SAGE will help you define

Dollars of various denomination.

Are Guaranteed Pension Retirement Accounts the Wave of the Future?

As financial planners, HR professionals and employees nearing retirement know, pensions as our parents and grandparents may have enjoyed them have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Where once these retirement nest eggs were fully funded by employers, since the 1970s brought the advent of

old man plays guitar as young girl plays accoridon

Mentorship Monday – Agencies Aid Active Adults

Looking for mentorship opportunities in Oregon and Southwest Washington? There are many non-profit agencies whose mission is to pair skilled and interested older adults with either young people, or seniors in need of a little help and companionship. Senior Corps – Oregon Volunteers! Senior Corps connects

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Citizen Scientists Nurture Nature

Volunteer opportunities abound for local seniors interested in getting outside amidst the flora and fauna. Most everyone has heard of the Audubon Society and the important work they do with birds and other species. Here’s some information about how they welcome individuals who are interested