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Wellness Wednesday Fitness Roundup

It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our bodies. Heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, strokes….the chances of getting one or all of these is increased by just sitting around. Even a little bit of exercise everyday can pay huge dividends towards keeping

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Retirement: Ticket to Paradise or Fast Lane to the Morgue?

A recent study by an OSU researcher seems to conclude that retirement leads to a shorter life expectancy. We say it’s all in the execution. Since starting this project, it’s been surprising to learn that to some people, the very concept of retirement can be

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Bikes for Humanity PDX Offers Easy Way to Keep the Wheels Spinning!

Portland-Vancouver has long enjoyed a reputation as one of most bicycle friendly metropolitan areas in the country, and even the world. An overall appreciation for outdoor activities, a strong concern for reducing carbon emissions, hundreds of miles of bike trails and dedicated street lanes, and

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Wellness Wednesday – Health Tip Roundup

This week’s WW roundup features three articles dealing with health issues that most of us will encounter at some point, or in the case of this first one about lessons learned from nonagenarians, aspire to experience for ourselves! Healthy life lessons from 90-year-olds How do you

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Wellness Wednesday – Can Mindfulness and Busyness Coexist?

Retirement and good living mean maintaining wellness by staying active as we age. But here at Busier Now we know that there is good busy and not-so-good busy. If we’re not careful our focus can become completely on the activity, or worse on getting to and from the activity,

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Better Health is Just a Few Steps Away!

Sometimes the most beneficial activities are the simplest. Did you know that there is more to be gained from walking than just heart health and weight control? This article by Phil Mutz (originally published on describes some of the many other benefits to be had