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Retiring or Retooling? – 5 lessons from Year One

Looking back at the lessons learned about the lives and lifestyles of local older adults.  January marks the one year anniversary of Busier Now. Though the roll out has been gradual and it will always be a work in progress, this seems like a good

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Musical Mentors Make Memories

by Tim Hill “Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast.” So goes one of the most oft misquoted sayings around. Originally penned by William Congreve as the first line in his play The Mourning Bride (1697), the phrase, or a variation of it, is

Pokémon Go! for Seniors: Fad, Folly or Fun?

“Get off my lawn!” So goes the cliché we so often hear of seniors berating members of the younger generation for real or perceived transgressions. But recently a cell phone based game app called Pokémon Go! has leveled the playing field, giving folks of all

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Theatre By and For Seniors – Virtual Camp Week 3

Welcome back Campers! Last session we looked at ways to nibble around the edges of the local Theatre scene as an audience member,  getting a feel for who produces what and which companies a new or returning Thespian might aspire work with. This time we’ll

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Virtual Adult Theatre Camp – Session 2

Curious about this art form called the Theatre, and how you might get involved? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the second session of the Busier Now (virtual) Theatre Camp for Dynamic Older Adults! Today we look at a few ways to ease

Confessions of a Guilty Voyager

Ok, I admit it – when it comes to vacation choices, I am a guilty traveler. Unlike some of my more virtuous friends, leisure time for me doesn’t mean a bike ride to the beach, a hike into the forest or canoeing to a remote

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You’re As Old As You…Do?

We’ve all heard the expression, “You’re as old as you feel.” Well, this morning I’m giving Methuselah a run for his money. But only last night it was 19 all over again. What, or should I say who, was responsible for this miraculous four decade

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Tech Tuesday Tutorials: Skype

Keeping in touch with family and friends via phone has never been easier than it is today. But nothing brings people closer than being able to see each other’s faces as we catch up on our lives. Skype is a terrific tool for sharing a “next