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Retiring or Retooling? – 5 lessons from Year One

Looking back at the lessons learned about the lives and lifestyles of local older adults.  January marks the one year anniversary of Busier Now. Though the roll out has been gradual and it will always be a work in progress, this seems like a good

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Generational Labels – Do Exceptions Prove the Rules?

For some reason this morning finds me waxing philosophical. There, you’ve been forewarned. Perhaps this bout of navel gazing was brought about by too many cups of coffee. More likely it was spurred by a couple of articles I happened upon recently that deal with

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Retirement: Ticket to Paradise or Fast Lane to the Morgue?

A recent study by an OSU researcher seems to conclude that retirement leads to a shorter life expectancy. We say it’s all in the execution. Since starting this project, it’s been surprising to learn that to some people, the very concept of retirement can be

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9 Questions to Ask Before Diving Into the Volunteer Pool

Volunteering is a great experience…except when it’s not. Here are a few things to look out for when you sign up to lend your time and talents to help a cause or an organization. Here at Busier Now, we believe that volunteering and mentorship endeavors

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Managing Mentorship Expectations is Key

Let’s take a look at this word “mentorship.” It’s pretty straightforward, right? Helping to guide someone else toward success. Or is that more the role of a coach? Instructing another as they acquire new skills. Or is that really what a teacher does, just with

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Mentorship Monday – Agencies Aid Active Adults

Looking for mentorship opportunities in Oregon and Southwest Washington? There are many non-profit agencies whose mission is to pair skilled and interested older adults with either young people, or seniors in need of a little help and companionship. Senior Corps – Oregon Volunteers! Senior Corps connects

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Mentorship Monday – Judging From Experience

Retirement planning is about more than just having enough money and deciding how to use it. It’s also about deciding how to spend your time. Volunteering and mentoring others in your field of expertise offer rewards far beyond simply keeping a “toe in the water” of

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What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

There are many ways to find fulfillment as we age. Some retire and dive head-first into volunteerism or hobbies. Some choose to go back to school. Still others may decide that continuing to grow in their careers with no end in sight is their ideal