Living longer is great if it means living better!

Tim HillNot too long ago I happened upon an article announcing layoffs at a large corporation here in Portland, Oregon. One sentence in particular caught my eye: “It is anticipated that many affected workers will simply take this opportunity for retirement.” My first thought was that for those folks I’ll bet there’s nothing simple about it! Then I wondered what I’d do if facing such an unplanned lifestyle change?

After searching the web to explore resources, I found that there was quite a bit of information out there, but it wasn’t being brought together very well. Much of it was out of date. After an hour or so of searching and one too many cups of coffee my task became clear:  to build a better, more comprehensive site to fill in some of the information gap. Thus Busier Now was born.

The other thing I noticed was that retirement lifestyle information was kind of….blah. Life after a career or primary job doesn’t have to be boring, does it? It’s a reward you worked hard for, so why can’t retirement can be cool? It’s time for a retirement revolution!

As time goes on this site will feature articles on topics such as learning, mentorship, retirement options for self employment, tech, wellness and travel. There’s a robust events calendar, a chat forum on related topics, and a local resource directory. The main emphasis will be on activities, but in the community forum you’ll find discussions touching on other topics of interest as well, such as retirement communities, retirement financial planning, hobbies, relationships and more.

So welcome to Busier Now. Feel free to poke around and if you like what you see, sign up for the free newsletter to keep you apprised of the exciting and ever changing opportunities and resources for dynamic older adults!

– Tim Hill