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old man plays guitar as young girl plays accoridon

Mentorship Monday – Agencies Aid Active Adults

Looking for mentorship opportunities in Oregon and Southwest Washington? There are many non-profit agencies whose mission is to pair skilled and interested older adults with either young people, or seniors in need of a little help and companionship. Senior Corps – Oregon Volunteers! Senior Corps connects

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Citizen Scientists Nurture Nature

Volunteer opportunities abound for local seniors interested in getting outside amidst the flora and fauna. Most everyone has heard of the Audubon Society and the important work they do with birds and other species. Here’s some information about how they welcome individuals who are interested

photo of book entitled Universal Design

Universal Design – Beyond the ADA

Form, as the saying goes, follows function. But when it comes to architectural design elements geared toward accessibility, does that mean that utility has to be the only consideration? Up until fairly recently you would have thought so. A friend recently told us about the home

Technology group learning

Tech Tuesday Tutorials: Skype

Keeping in touch with family and friends via phone has never been easier than it is today. But nothing brings people closer than being able to see each other’s faces as we catch up on our lives. Skype is a terrific tool for sharing a “next

group of people walking on a sunny day

Better Health is Just a Few Steps Away!

Sometimes the most beneficial activities are the simplest. Did you know that there is more to be gained from walking than just heart health and weight control? This article by Phil Mutz (originally published on describes some of the many other benefits to be had

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Mentorship Monday – Judging From Experience

Retirement planning is about more than just having enough money and deciding how to use it. It’s also about deciding how to spend your time. Volunteering and mentoring others in your field of expertise offer rewards far beyond simply keeping a “toe in the water” of

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What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

There are many ways to find fulfillment as we age. Some retire and dive head-first into volunteerism or hobbies. Some choose to go back to school. Still others may decide that continuing to grow in their careers with no end in sight is their ideal