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Volunteer Opportunity for STEM Fair

Do you have Tech or Science industry knowledge that you’re dying to share? This might just be your opportunity!  STEM Career Fair Call for Volunteers Feb 4 at Aloha HS Aloha High School is seeking volunteers to speak at its second annual career fair, featuring

Volunteers serve food wearing aprons and hairnets.

NY Volunteers Join Art and Nutrition

This looks like a very cool project. With all of the talent and generosity our community has to offer, it would be great to see something like this here! (Excerpted from The Huffington Post). Artists Bring Homemade Food to Those In Need In 1985, hospice volunteer Ganga

Have You Ever Said This?

Riddle: what do older adults have in common but seldom share? Answer: these five sentiments, for starters! Here’s one author’s humorous look at some things we learn as we grow older.  5 Things We Know Better Than To Say 1. Colonoscopies aren’t so bad. Truth is,

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Retiring Overseas Can Be a Breeze!

Those of us who live in the Portland/Vancouver area like to think we’ve got it pretty good. After all, a recent study by United Van Lines shows that Portland is the #1 destination in America for relocating. But sometimes you want to get away from it all….far